Questians and Answers

How do I order goods as a new customer?
If you are interested in a product, you can click on it to see a description, choose size and colour (if relevant) and to make a purchase. Click ‘Place in basket’ and then choose whether you want to continue shopping or go to checkout.

If you opt to continue shopping but do not make any further purchases, click on ‘Proceed to checkout’ in the top right of the page.

You can select a different delivery address to send your purchases to an address that is not your own. When filling in customer details, you can check the ‘Select a different delivery address’ (e.g. your workplace) and enter the address.

Sold out - more coming in?
Some products can unfortunately be temporarily out of stock. Customer Service will not be able to tell you when the product will be in stock again. We therefore recommend that you visit the webshop again later to check for availability.

I need more details on a product
There is a box for each product entitled ‘Description and details’. A description of the product can be found here, and if there are any special details worth knowing, they will be included. If you have any more specific questions, send a mail with your question to and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Payment methods
We accept the following forms of payment:

  • MasterCard

  • Maestro

  • VISA

  • VISA Electron

We do not make any payment charge, regardless of form of payment used.
During the payment phase, you will be told which products you have ordered and the total price. When you decide to go to the checkout, you will be linked to a secure internet link (https://) where you will be asked to enter the following:

  • Credit card number

  • Expiry date

  • Card Security Code

These boxes must be filled in correctly to complete the transaction. Click ‘Confirm’ to receive confirmation sent to the mail address you have entered. Your card will not be charged until the products are shipped. No amount larger than that you have confirmed when paying can be deducted. The price of the product includes carriage.
Is it safe to order online? 
We only handle the sale and shipping of the products and never come into contact or see your credit card details. They are exclusively processed on a secure server over an encrypted link via a payment provider.

You can see when encryption is used by a padlock icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page, which means that your details are protected from third parties. As such, we cannot deduct more than the amount you have confirmed when ordering. You are legally entitled to a refund if:

  • The goods cannot be delivered.

  • You exercise your right to cancel - see the section below.

  • Money is debited from your account without your prior acceptance.

When will you debit the money?
Your card will not be charged until the products are shipped. You will receive a mail when your order is despatched from our warehouse.

Can I collect my order?
It is unfortunately not possible to collect your order.

How long is the delivery time?
At the moment we can not predict how long the transfer will take. Delivery is made by the carrier you select and delivery times therefore depend on their delivery frequency.

Can you leave my parcel at a designated place?
We can unfortunately not ask the carrier selected to leave parcels at a designated place.

What if my parcel arrives when I am not home?
The procedures used by your selected carrier will dictate whether the parcel will be redelivered or has to be collected.

Can I track my order?
If your carrier has a tracking facility, you will receive a track-and-trace number by mail once the order is shipped.

Can I call by and return or swap a product?
Products cannot be returned to or replaced at our address. See the procedure for returns below.

What do I do if I want to cancel my purchase!
You have a 14 day right to cancel when shopping at Your right to cancel runs from the day you receive the goods. The full purchase price can only be refunded if the goods are returned unused or used in a manner similar to that they would be used in a physical shop. The option of refunding the full purchase price will therefore lapse if you use the goods in a manner which clearly depreciates their sales value. Custom-made products are not covered by our right to cancel.

How and when will I receive my refund?
The amount will be credited to the card you paid with as soon as possible after we have received the goods and checked that they fulfil the conditions of the right to cancel. It can therefore be up to your bank subsequently when the amount is credited to your account.

What if there is something wrong with the goods (warranty claims)?
When you shop at  you automatically have 12 months warranty cover. We make every effort to ensure your order is correctly processed and check that the goods are not defective. We apologise if you receive any goods that qualify for a warranty claim, and ask you to send a mail with all necessary information to and we will do whatever we can to correct our mistake.

If goods are faulty, you can either have them repaired, replaced or refunded, depending on the situation. Naturally, a claim has to be justified, and the defect cannot have occurred as a result of incorrect use or other inappropriate conduct.

It is therefore important that you follow the user, washing and other instructions enclosed, that guide you on correct use and maintenance of the product. Failure to use or care for a product according to the instructions will be regarded as incorrect use or inappropriate conduct and the goods will not be covered by any warranty.

How quickly should I make a claim? 
You must make a warranty claim within a ‘reasonable period’ of detecting the defect. We recommend submitting a claim as quickly as possible. If you claim within two months of the defect being detected, the claim will always be valid.

Who pays carriage costs for a warranty claim?
If your claim is justified, we will of course refund your (reasonable) carriage costs for returning the goods to us.

Where should I send the goods to?
Ideally, you should use the return label sent with the goods. If it is missing or lost, contact us at to arrange return and return conditions. After accept - send the goods to:

SKOVBON - Boho Bonanza
Strandborgvej 28
DK-8240 Risskov

What should I send with the goods when I return them?
Please state what the problem with the goods is in as much detail as possible. NB: We do not accept parcels sent for payment on delivery or the like.

Remember to always send the goods back in proper packaging and get a receipt for shipping so that we can refund your carriage costs if you are entitled to a refund.

What if I have been refunded the wrong amount?
Mistakes can unfortunately happen. If you believe that you have been refunded the wrong amount, please send info to with your order number and the amount you believe you should have been refunded.

What should I do if my goods have been damaged in transit?
Please check your goods for any visible damage upon receipt. If the packaging is damaged or there are other visible signs of defects, we recommend you make a proviso for any damage to the contents when signing for receipt. You can also refuse to accept the goods. In such instances, please contact/send us a mail at and state that you have refused delivery.

What if there is something missing from my order?
Mistakes can unfortunately happen. If you have received your order and there is something missing, please send us a mail with informations to with your order number. We will check what was despatched and correct any shortages.

What if I have other questions?
If you cannot find the answers you want here, please send a mail to