Here you will find inspiration and guidance to make your small projects to create your own boho bohemian style. How to make a mandala using the Mandala Stencil or make a brick wall with joint filler. Hope I can give you some boho inspiration.



How to make a brick wall with joint filler

STEP 1: Paint the wall in a color that you want your joints to look like at the end. Make it dry.

STEP 2: Use paint tape to illustrate the joints – start with the horizontal and then go for the vertical. Tip: Let the tape continue around the corner to make it easier to find when removing it again.

STEP 3: Coat the wall with joint filler. For a more natural look don’t worry to coat it uneven.

STEP 4: Remove the paint tape – start from the top and go down

STEP 5: Make the bricks look more natural and old with an edgy paint brush – especially the corners.

STEP 6: Start painting each brick when the filler is still wet to make it look more structured/more natural.

STEP 7: Finish the filler with a mix of a bit of light paint and lots of water. For a better result ”play” with the water-paint.

STEP 8: Move in and enjoy your cool look a like brick wall

Wish you good luck!


How to use the stencils

Mandala Stencils can be used almost everywhere. You can use it on a wall like a huge picture or a kind of art. Also you can use the stencils on tables, textiles, floor - only the imagination sets the limit. 

Here is a video about how the result will turn out to be on a wall. Also you find a 'guide' of how to make a mandala stencil and make you feel more safe. You can see the uploaded video to see a full mandala in the making.


What you’ll need:

  • Roller (foam roller not the hairy one) or a sponge

  • Latex wall paint (water base) or chalk paint

  • Tape

  • Paint tray

  • Cleaning rag or paper towel

Ok lets get started: remember this is fun. So breathe deeply. Put some cool music on and smile.

STEP 1. Take your mandala put of the box and ley it flat; if it curls up put some books on it or turn it the other way up.

STEP 2. Make sure the surface is clean, smooth and dust free

STEP 3. Position your stencil where you like it, and secure it with a few pieces of painters tape, for the Holy mandala you have to make sure it’s leveling, or use a measuring tape to make sure your stencil is straight.

STEP 4. Put some paint onto the tray and then roll it so there’s no excess paint (so it doesn’t drip) use light to medium pressure, as excessive pressure may cause paint bleeding. Be careful not to roll over the edge if the stencil.

STEP 5. For a light effect just roll once, if you want more contrast you will need a second coat. Let the first tone dry for 10 minutes and then roll it over again.

STEP 6. Patiently wait 10 minutes and then carefully remove your stencil and be proud with your artwork.

STEP 7. The Holy, Yoga and Mystery mandala you wait 10 minutes until the paint is dry before you continue with the other half; thesecond half you place the stencil over the dot and the drop which you already did on the first half; so the stencil connects perfectly.