Here you will find inspiration to make your own mandala and a guide how to make a mandala using the Mandala Stencil.



How to make a brick wall with joint filler

STEP 1: Paint the wall in a color that you want your joints to look like at the end. Make it dry.

STEP 2: Use paint tape to illustrate the joints – start with the horizontal and then go for the vertical. Tip: Let the tape continue around the corner to make it easier to find when removing it again.

STEP 3: Coat the wall with joint filler. For a more natural look don’t worry to coat it uneven.

STEP 4: Remove the paint tape – start from the top and go down

STEP 5: Make the bricks look more natural and old with an edgy paint brush – especially the corners.

STEP 6: Start painting each brick when the filler is still wet to make it look more structured/more natural.

STEP 7: Finish the filler with a mix of a bit of light paint and lots of water. For a better result ”play” with the water-paint.

STEP 8: Move in and enjoy your cool look a like brick wall


How to use the stencils

Mandala Stencils can be used almost everywhere. You can use it on a wall like a huge picture or a kind of art. Also you can use the stencils on tables, textiles, floor - only the imagination sets the limit. 

Here is a video about how the result will turn out to be on a wall. Also you find a 'guide' of how to make a mandala stencil and make you feel more safe. You can see the uploaded video to see a full mandala in the making.

Find the guide here.

Wish you good luck!