Here you will find inspiration to make your own mandala and a guide how to make a mandala using the Mandala Stencil.


Mandala Stencils

Mandala Stencils can be used almost everywhere. Like on the picture you can use it on a wall like a huge picture or a kind of art. Also you can use the stencils on tables, textiles, floor - only the imagination sets the limit.


How to use the stencils

When you have ordered your mandala stencil you might be a little excited and nervous about how the result will turn out to be. A guide how to make a mandala stencil can make you feel more safe. Also you can see the uploaded video to see a full mandala in the making. 

Find the guide here.

Wish you good luck!



Here's some of the Mandala Stencils available on Haven't you find your favorite mandala you can find yours here.