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Welcome to Skovbon shop

My enthusiasm and interest for interior and home styling has been the foundation for my Instagram account @skovbon. The fantastic response from my followers has inspired me - and by heart I made this web-shop to give you opportunities to shop "the look". Here are some of the items that you can purchase on my web-shop.


In the beginning we will only ship within EU, inclusive Norway and Great Britain. BUT if you live outside EU and wants to buy something, please send us an e-mail to info@skovbon.dk and we will try to help you.

Interior & home-styling

Interior is the details of the home's equipment. When you are home-styling it’s about furnitures, decorations and interior. To find the right interior it’s relevant to find out what kind of style you want and what you are into. Home-styling is about making your home personal and find out what kind of interior really “talks” to you. Is it the Bohemian, the High-Tech, The Scandinavian, the Designers, the secondhand ? Or what is it? You might find your home-styling and interior nice and lovely, something that makes you safe or happy. Maybe the interior is something that reminds you of a lovely holiday, something that has a meaning to you - something personal. Maybe you love the nature-touch, are into home textiles or just love the jungle-look with lots of plants. The interior at SKOVBON is chosen by heart, by personality and the feeling about it. It’s all chosen to make you feel home.

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